Equipment, Extras & Other Amenities (free of charge)


Phone & Internet:

  • Fixed landline phone with which you'll be reached anytime in the Villa as well as from foreign countrys. Local calls are free of charge.
  • Wifi - high speed internet access with your own device.


Sports and leisure activities:

  • Canoeing - take the canoe to the endless canals and lakes around the property. It's a two seater and comes with life vests, as well. Usage by own risk.*
  • Fishing equipment - usually you will find some fishing equipment in the garage. Good luck. Fishing license required.
  • Bicycles - take them and take a tour in Cape Coral. There are three mountain bikes and a lady bicycle. Usage by own risk.*
  • Boating - we can help to rent a power boat by a local boat rental. Cape Coral and it's surrounded islands are a boater's paradise. Go to seaside restaurants and cafes or ancor next to the dream beach of your choice.


Games & Entertainment:

  • Board and entertainment games in a large selection.
  • DVD's - we have a selection of movies. If you can't find the right movie, easily connect your laptop to the TV and view it over the internet.
  • Radio - there are local and nation wide radio stations - with good music!
  • TV - NETFLIX account installed



  • There is a laundry in the garage (washer & dryer). Washing powder is not included, but you can use some as long as available.
  • Of course we have iron and ironing board, too.



  • A first set of requisites like paper towel, toilet paper, soap, is included.
  • Refill Packs has to be provided and paid by the tenant himself, if needed.

<< Note: >>

Guests can use all equipment and extras for free.

But there is no claim to completeness and condition.

* Important:

Guests use bicycles or canoe solely by own risk.

The owner cannot be held liable for damages, injuries or accidents.